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The Wellis Hot Tubs Range

Over the last decade, the Wellis name has become synonymous with the manufacture of premium quality hot tubs and swim spas, making it the most popular brand throughout Europe. Part of the reason for this rise in popularity is the company’s desire to continually invest in the latest technology, developing new features to enhance the garden spa experience and lead the industry with new and beneficial innovations.


The Best Spa Range

Wellis’ desire to build high quality, long lasting spas is evident in the company’s approach to frame structure, shell construction and insulation. The investment in these areas has resulted in creating sturdy, robust and long lasting hot tubs with minimal environmental impact and optimised energy efficiency.

This is why Wellis are renowned for being the quietest and efficient available, helping your wallet, helping the planet and helping you relax.

Hot Tub Features

The Wellis range offer a wide range of features, each tailored to enhance your experience, whether you are hosting a party or simply looking to unwind. Designed to stimulate each sense individually, Wellis’ feature list comprises of high-power massage jets, aromatherapy, oxygen therapy, colour therapy, integrated and watertight sound systems, and even a smartphone application that allows you to control your hot tub remotely via your wifi connection. As an added advantage, and only with your expressed permission, our service team can also remotely access your hot tub remotely to help you gain the most from its plethora of potential features and settings.

Hot Tub Installation & Servicing

As a UK distributor for the Wellis brand, we exclusively offer the entire range of Wellis Spas and Swim Spas. In addition, we also provide full installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing, ensuring that once you buy your spa, all you need to worry about is which swimming costume to wear – we take care of the rest!

Once you have chosen your next spa, our installation team will conduct a site survey, identifying whether there are any access, landscaping, power or water supply challenges to overcome before installation can take place. We will then work closely with other service providers and tradespeople to ensure all tasks are completed to our satisfaction, prior to final installation.