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Allspa's Hot Tubs Ranges

Over the last 17 years Allspa have seen Hot tub and Swimspa products move from an aspirational niche to what is now a mainstream affordable garden appliance.  For several reasons we have now irrevocably terminated our long term relationship with Wellis. This now gives us the freedom to source and represent brands that we truly believe are the best in their class.


The Best Spa Range

There is no such thing as the “best” Hot tub or Swimspa for the same reason there is no “best” car. Which Hot tub best meets your particular priorities, be they budget, size, performance, styling, health benefits, hydro-therapy, ease of use, etc, will probably not suit the next person (try taking 6 kids to school in a sportscar!).

Hot Tub Features

We have selected manufactures that we know excel at different aspects of Hot tub and Swimspa design and production. We have great value spas that are simple and straightforward and provide maximum family fun at minimal cost, as well as more complex models with features that include high-performance hydro-massage jets, aromatherapy, oxygen therapy, colour therapy, programmable massage, integrated bluetooth sound systems, and even a smartphone application.


Fortunately for us all the days of fully-foamed Hot Tubs are mostly behind us, though a few old legacy manufactuers do still persist with it. Every Hot tub we supply has to be built with an absolute minimum of any potential eco hazzard and features the far more efficient Reflective Thermal barrier (RTB) insulation system to recycle waste heat energy back into the bathing water. This saves on energy costs and does a little bit to reduce our carbon footprint. To reduce running costs and eco impact further, we can fit a modern air source heat pump that can offer significant benefits.

Bespoke Designs and builds

Allspa are more than just another hot tub outlet and we offer a bespoke design and build service to create your Hot Tub or Swimspa in almost any size or spec you choose. We can also create unique designs in split shell form for restricted access situations.  Your shell surface could be Acrylic, Mosaic, or Stainless Steel in either freeboard or overflow style. We can supply Hot Tubs in literaly any colour and with graphics or logos embeded in the shell. Allspa technicians can also create or modify a specification to accomodate special medical needs and particular situations.

Hot Tub Installation & Servicing

With over 17 years experience in the business we also provide full in-house Allspa installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing, ensuring that once you buy your spa from us, all you need to worry about is which swimming costume to wear – we take care of the rest!

Once you have chosen your next spa, our installation team will normally conduct a site survey, identifying whether there are any access, landscaping, or power challenges to overcome before installation can take place. We will then work closely with other service providers and tradespeople to ensure all tasks are completed to our satisfaction, prior to final installation.

Allspa's Hot Tubs and Swimspas come with the peace of mind of our comprehensive parts and labour warranty with add-on options to extend or add other service and maintenance programmes.