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  • 2130 x 1600 x 750mm
  • 2 reclining places, 1 sitting place
  • 1 hydromassage pump
  • 37 jets
  • Ozonator
  • 12 pcs LED lighting

  • Pearl White
  • Sterling Silver
  • Grey
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Standard Specifications


The MARS is a contemporary compact spa that fits into the tiniest of gardens yet includes two full-length stretch out beds including our innovative dual length mySEAT lounger plus a third little seat for the last one in (HA!).

37 adjustable jets provide a powerful massage and a Zone Diverter plus individual Venturi controls allow a perfectly tailored experience for each user. This MARS also features our exclusive Venous return jets for calves and hamstrings to help aid circulation and wellbeing.

Water safety is enhanced by our built-in Ozonator and extra large superfine cartridge filter. The MARS can simply be plugged into a convenient domestic wall socket using the RCD plug and cable provided.

Night times come alive with our exclusive built-in multipoint Chromotherapy light show, whilst you can play it loud with the included myMUSIC Bluetooth Spa Audio system. This is a fantastic spa for two or three, with a compact footprint plus plenty of performance and economy.

Bonus Pack (value over £1,100)
  • Standard Delivery
  • Set-Up & Demystification
  • Premium Thermal Cover
  • Easy Steps
  • Chemical maintenance pack
  • Safe-Use Training

2130 × 1600× 750 mm
1 hydromassage pump
37 jets
12 pcs LED lighting

2 reclining places, 1 sitting place

This compact spa for 3 will fit into the smallest of places yet features two full stretch-out lounge beds. Our exclusive mySeat™ ensures the perfect fit for everybody to enjoy all the features of this compact model. The seating is full depth, yet at just 75 cm high, the Mars will through many doorways and narrow gaps making for quick easy installation.

Measurements (L × W × H)2130 × 1600× 750 mm
Reclining / Sitting places2 reclining / 1 sitting
Net weight (kg) / Water volume (l)250 kg/660 l
Side coverHorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured
InsulationPolyfoam (1 cm)
Drains1 pc at the bottom
Power requirement1 × 32A 230V50Hz
1 × 16A 230V50Hz
Control boxGecko (IN.YJ-2)
Control panelEasy4
Total number of jets37 pcs
Laminar fountain jets
Heater2 kW
Pumps1 pc 2 HP double speed
Circulation pump
Cartridge filter1 pc Superfine paper filter
Water sanitizationOzonator
LED lights12 pcs LED
Headrests2 pcs
Mymusic™ 2.0 sound systemFix
Thermo coveryes

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Spa Shell Colours

Pearl White, Sterling Silver

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